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SNAP EBT in Miami & Double Up oklahoma


Using SNAP Benefits At The Market

Using your SNAP EBT in Miami is easy at the Farmers Market.  When you come to the farmers market, bring your SNAP card to the information table with the sign that says "SNAP/EBT Accepted Here" before you start shopping.  Then, swipe your card at our portable EBT processing machine, and you will receive a specific amount of $1 SNAP tokens, in the amount you requested, to spend with the vendors at the market.  Any unused tokens may be kept for the next time you shop at the market.  Tokens are specific to each market, so you may only use Ottawa County Farmers Market tokens at our market.

Vendors That Accept SNAP Tokens

Each vendor booth has a sign identifying the vendor, where they are from, and what tokens they accept.  Just look for the $1 SNAP token on the vendor signs to know if they accept SNAP benefits.

What You Can Buy With SNAP Tokens

SNAP-eligible foods include fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, nuts, jams, jellies, packaged baked goods, meat & eggs, plants that grow food, and seeds that produce food.  Alcohol, foods meant to be eaten on site, and non-food items like crafts & jewelry cannot be purchased using SNAP benefits.

“Double Up” Your SNAP Benefits At The Market

The Ottawa County Farmers Market is a “Double Up Oklahoma”-participating market.  That means that we match the amount of money you take off your SNAP card with a matching amount of Double Up tokens (up to $20 each market).  

Vendors That Accept Double Up Tokens

Vendors with a “Double Up” token on their vendor sign are happy to accept Double Up Tokens.

What You Can Purchase With Double Up Tokens

Double Up-eligible foods are fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, plants that grow food, and raw nuts.

Senior Farmers Market Nutrition


The Oklahoma Senior Farmers Market Nutrition program offers low-income, older citizens an opportunity to purchase fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants that grow food, and raw honey from certified farmers.  

DHS is able to offer a limited number of EBT cards to seniors who qualify based on income eligibility requirements. Ottawa County residents 60 or older (55 or older if Native) can add their name to the waiting list at the beginning of the year by calling DHS at (405) 521-4089.  Eligible seniors will receive an application in the mail in the spring, which needs to be completed and mailed back to the state. Please note: Seniors must reapply each season.  Being put on the waitlist does not guarantee an application will be received.  The number of applications each year is dependent on funding & redemption rates.  Once the applications are approved, $50 pre-loaded EBT cards are issued to participants in early summer. 

Seniors can then bring their cards to the farmers market information table with the sign that says "SNAP/EBT Accepted Here" to swipe their card and receive Senior Farmers Market tokens in the amount requested. Tokens are then used to pay vendors for purchases.

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